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Where creatives connect and get paid to collaborate.

Mission Statement

To provide a sustainable platform for collaboration and innovation built for creatives and businesses.

VS Connect is a networking platform for connecting content creators and businesses. We provide creative content solutions to monetize collaborations through digital marketing and networking. We provide services such as photography, digital marketing, creative networking, cryptocurrency integrations, and affiliate marketing.


Through our platform, we connect businesses and creatives for the attainment of their marketing needs and the creation of value in the community.

Stop scrolling on social media and connect with verified creatives and businesses in a reliable network. Get paid to collaborate on projects and expand your network at the same time.


  • Organize all of your content and links in one place and build your portfolio with other creatives.

  • Receive payments through your profile card using payment methods like Cash App, Venmo, PayPal, and others.

  • Work with businesses and brands as an influencer or sell your own content through your profile. 


Grow your network on a safer platform and find groups to connect and collaborate with while getting paid for creating content.

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Creative Type

Help us reach more creatives!

In 2023 we bring all creative types new opportunities to collaborate with verified members and join the network. Let us know where we should go next and we will bring our networking events to you.

Our platform is built for creatives by creatives. Help us understand your needs as a creative entrepreneur.

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