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Mission statement: 

The artrepreneur social media dilemma

Unsafe Networking

  • There is a growing concern in the creative community about expanding their network due to an increasing number of bad actors on today’s popular social media platforms.


Slow Growth

  • Slow growth due to algorithmic trends and a high number of fake accounts on the platforms.


Lack Of Monetization

  • The majority of artists collaborating through social media do not get paid for the content they create.

A web platform that rewards members to collaborate and expand their network in a secure and sustainable ecosystem. Allowing artists and creative entrepreneurs to:



  • Thanks to our verification voting system, content creators can interact with each other and businesses on the platform without worrying about legitimacy problems.



  • Content creators get paid to collaborate and expand their network which creates opportunities to monetize their work.



  • By collaborating, artists and businesses expand their reach and market to the right audiences.

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