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My name is Ralph r Tutwiler my stage name is “s t h o r m”  aka  “RRTUT” poetic emcee my art name is “RRTUT quantum raw artist”. I've been doing music and art all my life, the art that I do has fluorescent colors that glow up at night pop out under a black light, and also go along with my poems.

I am a poet, songwriter, producer, gymnast martial artist, dancer, and composer.


I am originally from Chicago and now reside in Green Bay Wisconsin. I specialize in original art that I create on media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter also on YouTube. I'm also part of a hip-hop group called The Black pirate militia pirate which stands for Positive Insightful Revelations All-time Eternal Malicious stands for militant.


I'm living in this insane asylum the guns represent the facts of revolution the skull stand for the fact of all the great ladies that passed and continue to pass today time we're the only hip-hop group in the universe with that name we start putting music out in 1995 we have five albums that's out criminal confessions is our first album “us against us” is our third album militia times music is our fourth album the great illusion is the fifth album we are in the process of working on our new album as we speak I myself am a part of three different groups far as poetry. 


I'm a part of the collective poetics, Jeff Miller band, and I have my own band RRTT and the other planets. I'm now releasing my latest album called “Don't lose interest” and have completed two other albums before this one. The first one is called “Designed to deactivate the n*****” which was produced by the black pirate militia.


I am 53 years old I am a father and grandfather. I'm the oldest of 6 biological and I am the youngest in my adopted family, I have two girls and two boys. Art and music are my professions and  I am an original hip-hop artist I pertain to all five elements plus the infinity lessons. I am a dark-skinned male, I am Muslim born I'm a motivated speaker and inspirational mentor I represent the percent that doesn't have a scent.


I would like to teach those the misunderstanding of hip Hop from my perspective to help the young youth with information and guidance as an elder of hip Hop and art as well as to be an inspiration to those that believe and have confidence in their craft.

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