What is FMS?


Fund My Shoot is a fundraiser platform that allows creative entrepreneurs to collect funds from contributors to help in attaining their goals. Contributions collected on FMS are used to cover the cost of service and modeling expenses which are determined by your goals. Once the cost of service has been covered, the remaining funds are then paid to you, the model.


Our services are provided to meet your goals by offering makeup and photography services as well as full website or online portfolio development upon request. 

(Third-party fees apply for website development outside of our domain

How it works

We start by creating a profile for you on our platform. Your profile will allow you to collect funds to cover your photo session and photo session-related expenses such as; hair and makeup, outfits, travel, and other related expenses.
Your profile will look something like the example below.


Screenshot 2021-08-13 014333.jpg

Once your profile is ready, you can share your link with anyone who is willing to contribute towards your modeling goals. This can be your social media followers, family, and friends. These funds are used to cover the services we provide and to pay the model for creating content with us.

What do I gain from this?

With FMS, you gain the experience of working with professionals who are excited to work with you and want to see you evolve as a model and as an artist.
You will also gain new professional material for your portfolio and will get to experience creating income from your talents.

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Image by Pawel Czerwinski

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