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Earn by Collabrating and Creating

Setup Process

  1. Collaborate with verified members and get 6 votes to join the network.

  2. Create content and grow your network.

  3. Get paid to do what you love.

Through our verification process, we bring members of our platform safer and more reliable ways to earn a living by creating content for their audience. In order to get verified by our network, you must work directly with us to create content for your profile. 

Working with us will allow you to collect verification votes from verified members already on the platform. After collecting six verification votes, you will be considered a verified member and will have the opportunity to create with other members and earn from each collaboration.

Getting Started

Work With Us

Create content directly with us! 

We're eager to meet and work with you, creating content with us directly will allow you to receive verification votes from other verified members.


All members need  6 verification votes in order to be verified and create content on the platform. Non-verified platform members can view limited content but cannot interact with the platform. 

After working with us, we will connect new members with other verified members to collect more votes. 

Collaborate And Get Verified 

Members can start creating content with other members and interacting through the mobile app when they have obtained the 6 votes. Verified members are rewarded in cryptocurrency for collaboration and by performing tasks on the app. They will also have the opportunity to work with verified brands and businesses. 

Get Paid And Exchange


Verified members may choose to be paid in through cash, Venmo, and other digital payment methods, or may choose to be paid in bitcoin. Each collaboration will pay based on your contribution to the project.


Business-to-business collaborations are handled between the two parties and nobody else. Meaning, businesses, and brands can work with verified members and determine the best compensation strategy directly.

Ways To Earn

Ways To Earn
  • Work with us directly

  • Work with verified members to earn cryptocurrency

  • Work with verified businesses on the platform 

  • Becoming an influencer for a verified brand.

More ways of earning are created as businesses are added to the platform.

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