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Modern networking methods 




  • Cypto integrations Virtual gallery + NFTs

  • Incentives for collaborations

  • Affiliation Opportunities

  • NFC Networking Cards (Portable updatable portfolio with external links)


*Average digital marketing costs from competitors are $35,000 to $145,000/yr


$4,500 to $7,000 per project


Our value per project

$5,000 initial cost


What you pay for 

-Professional talent (creative type)

-Length of the project

-Professional skill

-Creative output

-Digital marketing (ads through our media outlets such as, Instagram, Facebook, google ads etc.

-Influencer access


Business Profile includes:


  • Digital portfolio (interactive)

  • Condensed ad landing page

  • Link bridging (all your links in one place).

  • Creative Network access

  • Photography Services

  • Digital Marketing

 (1-month free profile management $50/month after free trial)


Project investment opportunities 

Eligible projects can seek investor capital for funding. Based on member analytics, a group project's ROI can be estimated and investor funding can be acquired to make eligible projects happen.

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